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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Docbook in Red Hat 7.1 - are the pictures there


I have an irritating problem using openjade.
I have many picures inserted in my SGML/DocBook source
using <GRAPHIC FILEREF="front.&magic"></GRAPHIC>

The &magic; I toggle using a Makefile from PNG til EPS
(for Postscript-generation)

The problem is the front.png (or front.&magic; to be
exact) might not exist. This I will normally not detect
before very late in the translation-phase - and only as
a warning (I think it is).

Any clues how to make a good hard ERROR :-) when a
picture is missing?

Peter Toft, Ph.D. [pto@sslug.dk] http://www.sslug.dk/~pto

....There is a low, deep rumbling sound in the distance.
I believe it is the sound of Penguins on the march.
Follow us into the Linux future.....

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