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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: db2latex

ben writes:
 > I don't agree. It will be retrograde when the output formats are pretty
 > and customizable enough.

in what ways are they inadequate?

 >  Besides, db2latex is a kind of freestanding
 > Docbook to LaTeX converter, using XSL!

sure. if I was doing the job, I'd start from that

 >  Last, I don't see where confusion
 > is: Docbook gives the structure, and latex the expected intermediate
 > formatting output, even if it's true that latex is a mix of style and
 > structure.

"normal" LaTeX does a lot of generation (TOC, index, list numbering,
section headers, cross-ref text, cite text, etc), all of which are
also done by eg the DSSSL and XSL Docbook systems. Thats the confusion
that bothers me. 

If I wanted LaTeX to format docbook, I'd use xmltex, and not do any
translation at all. 


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