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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: db2latex

Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> Peter Toft writes:
>  > My main reason for looking at an SGML/XML to Latex
>  > converter is that the PDF/PS output I can make using
>  > openjade is not nearly as nice looking compared to what
>  > I can make using native Latex.
> That is 99%  due to familiarity with the tools, I suspect. I too can
> make a better book using LaTeX than XSL FO, but the gap is closing the
> more I use XSLT and XSL FO (it helps that I format FO using TeX!).

Yes, you are right: FO is the consistent way. Are there some links to know
how that works and what are the available tools? Does it take much time to
know how to use it?
For me db2latex is a simpler and easy to use newbie tool; that's the
reason why I use it.


> pragmatically, you are right, especially if you are stuck using DSSSL
> and JadeTeX.

Yes, that's the case ;-)

> But I still believe that the future is not LaTeX-shaped.

Ok, you are convincing.


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