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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: db2latex

Peter Toft writes:
 > Can you point me to a friendly guide for the the person
 > (MEEEEE :-)))) who wants to which horses to XSLT/XSK
 > FO - I have not tried any of these tools .... yet :)
you can choose between

 FOP: java, changing constantly, getting better. a
       typical open source non-stable project (thats not a criticism)
 XEP: from RenderX, a slightly unusual small company who are really
       interested in big contracts not individual sales. more stable,
       more complete implementation, pretty good quality
 PassiveTeX: uses TeX to render FO, so traditional TeX setup. good at
       what it does, but incomplete coverage of the spec, and requires
       specialized TeX knowledge to hack
 Unicorn FO: uses TeX, with preprocessing. I havent tried it recently
 Arbortext: I have never seen a copy
 IBM: have something, I know no more
 Antenna House: Windows application which uses Windows GDI. pretty
       good commercial implementation, but free evaluation

summary: immature marketplace.

 > LaTeX is IMHO the old work horse, which works nicely,

it works well within its limitations. its not hard to find a
typesetting specification which is *hard* to do in LaTeX


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