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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: About FO (was db2latex)

Hi Joe!

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Joe Cooper wrote:

> [...]
> Customizations are easy.  Maybe this is because I've been working with 
> DSSSL longer than XML,

Any recommendations concerning tutorials for learning DSSSL?

> Finally, because I'll also be releasing our books as PDF files, it's 
> nice that all of the 'neato' features of PDF are supported by the tool 
> chain (whereas they are not with the XML toolchains that I tried). 
> Bookmarks, links, etc. all work as expected, making for a nice user 
> experience.
> I find that sometimes I'll modify tables manually to make them look 
> better on the page.

How are you modifying them?

>  Other than that, I usually modify the stylesheet. 
> But there are some elements of DocBook that I don't use...so I may be 
> missing some ugly bits.

Could you post your modifications here or direct me to a place where we
all can take a look at them=

Thanks for your help!


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