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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook xml - paper based outputs?

Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Jeffrey Franks wrote:
> > Can you suggest a solution for a Unix/Linux platform? I have a table
> > intensive
> > document in DocBook Xml that must get to PDF somehow. My expectation is
> > that
> > it would look like a real book, with a real index, and not look ugly.
> May be using something like StarOffice to render RTF to PostScript and
> then use GhostScript to convert from PS to PDF. But I didn't tested this
> toolchain, so I cann't say anything of result print quality.

I realize everyone is doing their best. However, this would be amusing
there were not so much at stake.

This reminds me of the hamburger commercial where the patron can't
the instructions of how one is made. The hook line is:

	"Are you making this up as you go along?"

Seems applicable to the deplorable situation we face in order to get
quality PDF from DocBook Xml. Flames may be in order, but remember I'm a
(one month w/ DocBook Xml), I'm in the trenches, and I'm trying to get
work done. My focus is end product, not process development.

Jeffrey L. Franks  (Web)  http://www.motiftools.org
                   (Mail) jfranks@quik.com

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