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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook xml - paper based outputs?

Jeffrey Franks writes:
 > I realize everyone is doing their best. However, this would be amusing
 > if there were not so much at stake.

caveat emptor. who ever said it was all easy?

 > Seems applicable to the deplorable situation we face in order to
 > get high quality PDF from DocBook Xml.

depends what you mean by "high-quality".some people are more than
happy with FOP, others pick holes even in TeX output.

 >  Flames may be in order, but
 > remember I'm a newbie (one month w/ DocBook Xml), I'm in the
 > trenches, and I'm trying to get work done. My focus is end product,
 > not process development.

My belief is that there is no reliable, mature, easy-to-use product to
make PDF from Docbook. The nearest might be the Framemaker route,
perhaps via DSSSL, I suspect, but even that is a vale full of tears.

face it, getting high-quality typesetting remains hard.


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