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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: extension for saxon 6.4.3 broken?

Bingo! My system ID for the DTD didn't use the file:/// convention at all.
Thanks so much - this brings us closer to being able to switch from dsssl to
xslt, which we'd much prefer to invest in.

The error I'm working on now is at the end when the toc is autogenerated (we
have no TOC coding in the source):

Writing toc.hhc
Error on line 79 of file:/d:/download/docbookxsl141/html/chunker.xsl:
  Output character not available in this encoding (decimal 8212)

Here's what's being executed in chunker.xsl:

74      <saxon:output href="{$filename}"
75                    method="{$method}"
76                    encoding="{$encoding}"
77                    indent="{$indent}"
79        <xsl:copy-of select="$content"/>
80      </saxon:output>

> You're on Windows, right? And you've got something like this in your
> doc instance:
>   <?xml-stylesheet 
>   href="file:///d:/docbook/xsl-stylesheets/html/docbook.xsl"
>   type="text/xsl"?>
> I think the error message is saying your XSLT engine is confused by
> the "d:" -- thinks it's trying to specify a protocol like http:, ftp:
> or whatever.
> The fix, I think, is to monkey with the number of slashes after the
> real protocol identifier -- the "file:" part. That is, take a slash
> out or put one more in, then try launching XSLT engine again.

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