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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Using *small-caps*

Glyph substition tables aren't supported in teh TeX backend - only in
the RTF.

"glyph-subst-table:" can appear in the "character" flow object class.

so the easiest way to use that is with a style sheet...

(define my-text-style   ;; this is from default-text-style in
   glyph-subst-table: *small-caps*
   font-size: %bf-size%
   font-weight: 'medium
   font-posture: 'upright
   font-family-name: %body-font-family%
   line-spacing: (* %bf-size% %line-spacing-factor%)))
( element application ( $my-charseq$ ))
(define ($my-charseq$ #!optional (sosofo (process-children)))
  (make sequence
   use: my-text-style
   sosofo ))

Anyway, you can only do it in the RTF backend....

(But it does work - even with star office 5.2!)


Here is the original message about small-caps...


Holger Rauch wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm using the DSSSL style sheets 1.70 and I'm trying to format
> <application>s in small caps. I included the following in my customization
> layer:
> (element application (*small-caps*))
> In case you're wondering where I got it from, I found *small-caps* in
> dbprint.dsl.
> The changed mentioned above, however, does NOT work. I get the following
> error message from openjade:
> openjade:/usr/local/docbook/style/dsssl/1.70/holgi-both.dsl:103:21:E: call
> of non-function object "#<unknown object 151177120>"
> What's the right way of using *small-caps*? (I was simply looking at the
> definitions in dbinline.dsl).
> Thanks for any help!
> Greetings,
>         Holger
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