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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: xrefs that simply give the number...

[Please cc me; I'm not on the list.  Thanks.]

Given the XSL stylesheets 1.40, is there a simple way to 
have xrefs expand to the generated number (counter) of the 
linkend?  I'm using Saxon 6.4.3, but that may not matter.

I can see how to modify the system's en.xml to do what I 
want (change everything to %n).  But, as a mere user, I'd 
have to completely install the stylesheets.  I'm hoping 
there's a better way.  I've failed at tracing through the 

What I _really_ want is a simple option on the xref toggling 
text generation, but I can deal with always typing Section 
or Table myself...  Is there another Docbook XML tag I should 
be using?  

There are some grammatical situations where I would prefer 
the control, like generating such texts as "See Sections 1, 
5, and 7.2" or "As with operations (5)".  Some wordings may 
be ill-advised, but I'm bound to reproduce them accurately.

On a somewhat related note:  Is there a way to xref 
orderedlist listitems?  Again, I just want the number.

I've poked through the docs and spent way too much time
seaching through archives and Google.  Any references to the 
correct docs (if they exist) or examples are greatly 


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