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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: extension for saxon 6.4.3 broken?

On 20010727 18:51 (Friday), Dave Pawson wrote:
> I'd love to have this confirmed.
> Even the 'experts' back off from declaring a position on this.
> win32 file:// 
> Unix  file:///
> Anyone say any different?

For more information on this, I would suggest to refer to the 

* RFC "Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax"

* RFC "Uniform Resource Locators (URL)"

Here are some chosen pieces :

The URI syntax is dependent upon the scheme.  In general, absolute
URI are written as follows:


An absolute URI contains the name of the scheme being used (<scheme>)
followed by a colon (":") and then a string (the <scheme-specific-part>) 
whose *interpretation depends on the scheme*.

The URI syntax does not require that the scheme-specific-part have
any general structure or set of semantics which is common among all
URI.  However, a subset of URI do share a common syntax for
representing hierarchical relationships within the namespace.  This
"generic URI" syntax consists of a sequence of four main components:



A file URL takes the form:


where <host> is the fully qualified domain name of the system on
which the <path> is accessible, and <path> is a hierarchical
directory path of the form <directory>/<directory>/.../<name>.

For example, a VMS file


might become


As a special case, <host> can be the string "localhost" or the empty
string; this is interpreted as `the machine from which the URL is
being interpreted'.

fileurl        = "file://" [ host | "localhost" ] "/" fpath


So the following are correct on Unix:

And I can only guess, and cannot test, for Microsoft Windows:

So I don't see any reason why "file://" could be correct for a win32 platform...

Hope it helps,

Marc-Aurčle DARCHE  <http://ma.darche.free.fr>
AFUL <http://www.aful.org>
Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Linux/Logiciels Libres
French speaking Linux and Free Software Users' Association

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