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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: How can I specify monofont for markup <type>

 1) Problem Description:

What do I have to change in the stylesheet
to get a monofont for <type> markup. As it
is, the font does not appear to be different
from the rest of the text. This is true for
a various other markups rendered in HTML.

I don't know much about Xsl stylesheets, but
that is about to change. How do I go about
deciding if I need to over-ride something,
minorly customize something, or completely
re-write something. Is there a procedural
step-by-step that guides one in making
these decisions, or do you just get educated
in Xsl and the answer becomes apparent by
familiarity and experience?

 2) DocBook Xml DTD: V4.1.2 
 3) DocBook Style:   V1.41
 4) Style Sheet:     html xtchunk.xsl
 5) Xt:              V19991105 under Xae
 6) Xp:              V0.5 under Xae
 7) Xae:             V1.0 beta 6

Jeffrey L. Franks  (Web)  http://www.motiftools.org
                   (Mail) jfranks@quik.com

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