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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: How to structure XSL stylesheets for chunking andnon-chunking

At 15:43 30/07/01 -0400, Dan York wrote:

>So I have a system that works... why I am asking the question?
>Well, does anyone have a better way to do this?  Is there any way to
>NOT have to have two separate stylesheets for chunking or non-chunking?
>Is there a way I can have *one* call and call it differently?
>Or is the solution I have come up with the best way to do it?

Do XSLT processors have any general way of setting parameters in the style 
sheet. ie. start with:
   <xsl:stylesheet .....>
     <xsl:param name="option"/>

Then can $option be set when XSLT is called, and used to determine what 
gets imported, etc.

This can be done in PHP with the Sablotron functions. (I've found the 
combination of PHP and XSLT to be a powerful tool for creating web pages).



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