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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: section numbering depth

> From: Jens Hauptmann <Jens.Hauptmann@gmx.de>
> is there parameter to limit the depth of section numbering in the xsl 
> stylesheets to a certain section level (using docbook-xsl-1.41, saxon 
> 6.4.3, fop-0.19)?

Do you mean you want section numbering for, say,  sect1,
sect2, and sect3, but that sect4 and below should just show
the title? I don't think there is such a parameter yet.
But Norm has said he will take suggestions for things
people want to control with parameters.  I would submit
that as a feature request at docbook.sourceforge.net.

> To limit the section depth listed in the toc I included <xsl:param 
> name="toc.section.depth" select="3"/> to my param.xsl customization 
> stylesheet which has no affect at all? I'm not that familiar yet with xsl 
> and the stylesheets - is there another attribute I could set?

That parameter controls how many section levels appear
in the generated table of contents, and its default is "3", so
you wouldn't see any effect.

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