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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Including titles with xrefs in XML

Stayton-san wrote, among other things:

> The XSL stylesheets use another kind of template system to
> form xref text and other generated text strings (not to be
> confused with XSL apply-templates). It uses
> templates of text strings, sort of like the strings used in
> printf statements, where some of the text is fixed and
> some is variable to be substituted at runtime.
> The string templates are localized, and may be
> highly customized.  In your 1.41 distribution, you should
> find common/en.xml.  That contains all the generated text strings
> for processing with the default lang="en".

Funny you mention this.  I just went through the ja.xml file to make it 
reflect more what the en.xml file does, that is, NOT include the title in 
xref's of table, figure, and example.  And in doing so, I noticed that there 
are a LOT of referenceable objects listed in the en file, but just about half 
of that in the ja file.

Is it necessary to submit a request (on SourceForge) to have the other 
languages updated to reflect what's in en?  Or is this something that is 
updated on a regular basis (just not the last time I checked everthing out of 
CVS about 2 weeks ago)?

Michael Westbay
Work: Beacon-IT http://www.beacon-it.co.jp/
Home:           http://www.seaple.icc.ne.jp/~westbay
Commentary:     http://www.japanesebaseball.com/

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