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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Including titles with xrefs in XML

Walsh-san wrote:

> I have just this afternoon checked in a bunch of changes to CVS that
> allow you to do this instead:
> [...]
> <context name="xref">
> <template name="figure" text="Fig %n"/>
> </context>
> [...]
> In other words, you can now perform selective overrides directly in a
> customization layer (or in another document).

Thank you!  This will make it much easier to override the "Tippu" (Tip) title 
in favor of "Hinto" (hint) in just one place.  I've been overriding it with 
<title> on all of the <tip> tags up until now.

Most of the native Japanese I've talked with thought that a tip was a foreign 
custom whereby one leaves extra money on tables in restraunts.

I think that this was the proper way to fixe it.  Thank you again.

Michael Westbay
Work: Beacon-IT http://www.beacon-it.co.jp/
Home:           http://www.seaple.icc.ne.jp/~westbay
Commentary:     http://www.japanesebaseball.com/

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