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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Autogen title prefixes, htmlhelp.xsl

> From: "Bradford, Denis" <denisb@rational.com>
> Switching from htmlhelp.dsl to htmlhelp.xsl, one difference seems to be that
> the xsl generates chapter titles in this form: 
>       Chapter 1. Title. 
> We don't want this for help topics - the dsl stylesheet did a more help-like
> title, omitting the prefix. 
> To fix, I first set <xsl:param name="chapter.autolabel" select="0"
> doc:type='boolean'/>,
> but this seems to turn off only the number, giving 'Chapter  . Title'
> The only workaround I could find was to edit the localization files (like
> en.xml) and change template names in the title and xref contexts. For
> example, removing 'Chapter %n. ' from  <template name="chapter"
> text="Chapter %n. %t"/>
> Since the instructions in this file say not to edit it, I suspect this is
> not the preferred method. Can anybody set me straight?

The basic problem appears to be a bug in the stylesheet
that should be fixed.  But you still need a workaround for now.
Just last week I posted a method for modifying the
localization templates in the current stylesheets
without editing the distribution files.
Here is a summary:

1.  In 'common' directory, copy en.xml to a new name
like custom-en.xml and make your changes there.

2.  Also in common, copy l10n.xml to a new name
like custom-l10n.xml.  Edit custom-l10n.xml to change

<!ENTITY en SYSTEM "en.xml">
<!ENTITY en SYSTEM "custom-en.xml"> 

so that it references your customized file.

3.  In your customization layer for your stylesheet,
add another parameter:

<xsl:param name="l10n.xml"

This parameter sets the parameter named "l10n.xml"
(yes, it sure looks like a filename) to your custom
filename, which pulls in your custom english template

In the next release of the XSL stylesheets, Norm is going
to make it easier to make incremental changes to
the localization templates.

Bob Stayton                                 400 Encinal Street
Publications Architect                      Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Technical Publications                      voice: (831) 427-7796
Caldera International, Inc.                 fax:   (831) 429-1887
                                            email: bobs@caldera.com

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