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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Multiple graphical file formats

This is not really a docbook problem but I hope someone could help me..

I usually use vector images (<mediaobject>) in my articles (written
originally in docbook)
and get RTFs, PDFs, PSes and HTMLs.
    For RTFs I use the WMF graphical format (vector),
    for  PDFs I use the PDF one (vecor),
    for PSes I use the EPS format (vector),
    and finally for HTMLs I use GIFs (not vector but it's enough).

My primary graphical format is WMF, then the make program (with quite a
complicated Makefile),
converts it into PDF, EPS and GIF, renders properly my document, and creates
an appropriate directory

The problem is that I do not want the WMF format to be my primary format, I
would rather choose the .FIG
format (an output from xfig), and then make a conversion fig2dev (to PDF,
EPS or GIF).
Unfortunately fig2dev cannot produce WMFs as its output.
Has anyone met the problem?

1. Are the any convertes <something>2wmf ? Or..

2. What other vector graphical formats may be included into RTFs ?

I use StarOffice or MS Word to open the mentioned RTFs..

Thanks in advance,
Michał Rój

P.S. Please help - I come from Poland, which is still a 'barbarian country'
in the area of professional document
processing, and high quality typesetting. Most theses are written by means
of MS Word. I still cannot give up
with .RTF and .DOC formats.

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