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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook XML/XSL - shaded?


I must be missing something, but i thought XSLT stylesheets are there to
to HTML or any other XML alike, why add another stylesheets to do the last

If docbook was a really high level description of data, but it is not, it
is for books in general,
and therefore comes close to some kind formatting/template at a bit higher
The stylesheets just should do the last part of defining how it really
should look like on screen/paper.

If the idea was to transform some ultra high level XML into some other
XML, indeed no formatting
should be involved.
But i often do:

C++doc dtd inXML => Docbook => HTML

And in such a case Docbook for me is just producing a book/article
containing C++ documention,
using Docbook tags to represent the data (as close as possible with
usefull tags but not possible in all cases).

Customizing the stylesheet makes more sence to me  then adding CSS.
The bad thing is also that the aproach was different in the DSSSL style

And of course there is the ease of use.


Norman Walsh wrote:

> / Jon Willeke <willeke@intersys.com> was heard to say:
> | If you're only concerned about HTML, use a CSS stylesheet.  My
> That's my preference too, which is one of the reasons I haven't added
> the shade parameter. But I'm open to arguments to the contrary.
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm


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