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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Does "measurement-to-length" works bad?

The "measurement-to-length" function in the lib/dblib.dsl file of
the Docbook DSSSL distribution works with an associative list.
It seems that the program always look for unit in uppercase (CM, MM
and so on), but the list is is lowercase (cm, mm, ...). So it always
to "1pi".
The easier workaround is to duplicate each element of the list in this

(define unit-conversion-alist
  ;; PURP Defines the base length of specific unit names
  ;; DESC
  ;; This list identifies the length of each unit.
  ;; /DESC
   '("default" 1pi)
   '("mm" 1mm)
   '("MM" 1mm)
   '("cm" 1cm)
   '("CM" 1cm)

and so on.

Hope this help.


Juan R. Migoya

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