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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Processing html/wml files to Docbook-SGML

As you note, you'll probably be happiest starting with well-formed input 
(no end-tag minimization, etc.).  I believe nsgmls or sx can help with this.

I'm not familiar with WML, but I can envision writing an XSLT stylesheet to 
do most of the job.  For example,

   <xsl:template match="p">

   <xsl:template match="key">
         <xsl:when test="@CTRL">
         <xsl:when test="@ALT">

At 8/15/01, Carsten Wartmann wrote:
>Michael Wiedmann writes:
>  > Carsten Wartmann wrote:
>  >
>  > [ Hi Carsten, long time no hear! ]
>  >
>  > > I have the unthankfull task to include some WML (Website
>  > > Meta-Language) files into a Docbook SGML document. The files are also
>  > > avaible as (quite plain) html, but then contain some small tables. So
>  > > such a convertor would also help.
>  >
>  > Maybe I got you wrong, but why do you not just include the contents of
>  > your files like:
>  >
>  > <programlisting>
>  > <![CDATA[
>No, yes ;-) I really need to convert the files into real SGML. Not
>just a listing of it.

Jon Willeke, Quality Engineer
InterSystems Corp.
One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

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