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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: fo stylesheets

Feature request please.

sect1/title is totally overshadowed by the 'title' in any following example 
or figure.
Request that it be given a greater space-before and at leat a 1.2* size 

<xref/> presentation of

<xref linkend="ex1201"/>, and <xref linkend="fig1201"/>, shows this in use.
     <example id="ex1201">
      <title>A basic link.</title>

the xref produces as output the content of the title.
I find it hard to distinguish the title (in line) from continuation text.
If I use a period at the end of the title, it often makes little sense
when read in line, I would prefer just 'example 12.3' rather than
example 12.3 A basic link.

I'd be guided by others experience of this, though I didn't expect
the title contents unless I expanded the <xref  attribute set.

Regards DaveP

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