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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Abbrevs & Auto Index & PDFs

Ok, I've dumped XT and now am running with the latest Xalan, and FOP from

Q1. I've still got problems with my Abbreviations just not showing up in the
rendered HTML...  Anyone have any suggestions?

Here is a snippet of my XML:

                <secondary>Ability Score</secondary>
            <para><![CDATA[Strength measures a character's muscle and
physical power. ]]></para>

Q2. Does anybody have a short example document that works with the
auto-indexer?  I feed it mine, and nothing comes out...  I don't even get an
output file, AND I don't get any errors  8-(

Q3. Also trying to product PDF files, and I get these interesting messages
in the output: 

Warning: property - "last-line-end-indent" is not implemented yet.
WARNING: Page subsequences exhausted. Using previous subsequence.
ERROR: list-item must have exactly two children

The resulting PDF missing most of my content.  Any ideas here?  The document
validates OK in my xelen editor...

Michael Cortez

Promoting the Exchange of 100% Open Gaming Material

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