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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Abbrevs & Auto Index & PDFs

Cortez-san wrote:

> Q3. Also trying to product PDF files, and I get these interesting messages
> in the output:
> Warning: property - "last-line-end-indent" is not implemented yet.
> WARNING: Page subsequences exhausted. Using previous subsequence.
> ERROR: list-item must have exactly two children
> The resulting PDF missing most of my content.  Any ideas here?  The
> document validates OK in my xelen editor...

What does one of your list-items look like?  Something like:


will NOT work.  <listitem> MUST have some sort of block tag, such as <para>, 
<mediaobject>, etc. within.  CDATA is not an option, and the above won't 
output anything.  (Note, it will work with HTML output, but not FOP.)

The "correct" way to write the above would be:


I must admit that I don't really like the output of this, as every item is 
then double spaced when FOP is done with it.  But you will see the items.

Hope this helps.

Michael Westbay
Work: Beacon-IT http://www.beacon-it.co.jp/
Home:           http://www.seaple.icc.ne.jp/~westbay
Commentary:     http://www.japanesebaseball.com/

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