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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: htmlhelp.xsl and index

I'm having trouble autogenerating HTML Help index entries with htmlhelp.xsl.
Here's the sequence:

1. Create a two-level <indexterm> in the XML source:

<indexterm id="xmldiffmrg_opencontribs_indexterm_1749905">

2. Run htmlhelp.xsl (using Saxon 6.4.3). The style sheet generates this in
the topic HTML file:

<OBJECT type="application/x-oleobject"
<param name="Keyword" value="contributors, choosing">

3. Run the HTML Help compiler to "include keywords from HTML files." Should
generate this in the Index tab:


Unfortunately what it generates is:


The link actually works fine, it's just missing the primary term in the line
above!  I don't know why. According to the MS documentation, the style sheet
is coding the keyword correctly.

FWIW, the only way I can get a multi-level index to render correctly is by
editing one in the HH workshop. In that case, there is no control embedded
in the HTML topics, and probably no way to use the <indexterm> elements in
the source.


Denis Bradford 
Rational Software, 20 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421
denisb@rational.com (781)676-7560
"It is dangerous to be right"  -- Voltaire  "It is more dangerous to be
left" -- my dad

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