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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Abbrevs & Auto Index & PDFs

>> / Michael Cortez <mcortez@fullcoll.edu> was heard to say:
>> | Q1. I've still got problems with my Abbreviations just not 
>> showing up in the
>> | rendered HTML...  Anyone have any suggestions?
>> It's a stylesheet problem, I suppose. Exactly how to present 
>> abbrev in
>> a glossentry isn't clear. What formatting would you like?

I would like to see

        <b>GlossTerm</b> (<i>abbrev</i>)

>> Processed thusly:
>> xalan2 -IN testidx.xml -XSL ../xsl/html/autoidx.xsl -OUT 
>> out.html -PARAM use.extensions 1

Ah -- I didn't have the "-PARAM use.extensions 1" on my cmdline -- gotta get
new glasses 8-)

Michael Cortez

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