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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Abbrevs & Auto Index & PDFs

Missing <Abbrevs> found, and PDF error explained.

I had to rearrange my <glossentry> children tags.  I had to move my <abbrev>
and <index> tags to be children of the <glossterm> tag insttread of the
<glossentry> tag.

Here is my oringal:

>> <glosslist>
>>     <glossentry>
>>         <glossterm>Strength</glossterm>
>>             <abbrev>STR</abbrev>
>>             <indexterm>
>>                 <primary>Strength</primary>
>>                 <secondary>Ability Score</secondary>
>>             </indexterm>
>>         <glossdef>
>>             <para><![CDATA[Strength measures a character's muscle and
>> physical power. ]]></para>
>>         </glossdef>
>>     </glossentry>
>> ...
>> </glosslist>

Here is my new function snippet is:

                <secondary>Ability Score</secondary>
            <para><![CDATA[Strength measures a character's muscle]]></para>

Michael Cortez

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