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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Errors during (XML ->) FO -> PDF transformation

When I execute 

   pdflatex --interaction nonstopmode -fmt /usr/local/texmf/tex/xmltex/base/pdfxmltex progguide.fo

I get a number of the following kinds of errors:

   1.  ! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .gif.

   2. ! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).
      <to be read again> 
      l.6114 ...    <fo:table-column column-number="1"/>

   3. ! Undefined control sequence.
      \NoTableCell ...1}\CurrentCellWidth =\wd 0 \DEBUg 
                                                  {report \the \CurrentCellW...
      l.7555                      </fo:table-row>

I'm also getting a huge number of "Overfull \hbox" messages, some of
over 100pts.

1. I understand from a previous message to this list from Ian Castle
   that I should convert all my GIFs to either PNG (for XHTML) or EPDF
   (for PDF). OK, I can do that, but is there a format that I can use
   for both XHTML and PDF output?

2. The XML sources for one of these errors looks like

      <table frame="all">
        <title>Pointcut Designators</title>

        <tgroup cols="2" align="left">
            <colspec colname="c1"/>            <=== error here
            <colspec colname="c2"/>
        <spanspec spanname="hspan" namest="c1" nameend="c2" align="left"/>
          <tbody valign="middle">

            <row> ... </row>

   A message on this list from Sebastian Rahtz suggests that there must
   be a column-width. I've changed to

	<colspec colname="c1" colwidth="1*"/>
	<colspec colname="c2" colwidth="3*"/>

   to no avail. I still get the "Illegal unit of measure", but in
   addition I get

      ! Missing number, treated as zero.
      <to be read again> 
      l.6115 ...n-width="proportional-column-width(4)"/>
  Does anyone know the right incantation?

3. The sources for one of these errors is

                              <fo:inline font-family="monospace">call(<fo:inline font-style="italic" font-family="monospace">Signature</fo:inline>)</fo:inline>
error here ===>      </fo:table-row>

   I didn't find any archive references to "NoTableCell".

Thanks for any help!

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic                    http://www.leonora.org/~vladimir
2770 Cowper St.                                         vladimir@acm.org
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2447                                 +1 650 678 8014

I'm using PassiveTeX, xmltex and Saxon 6.4.3 and I have the following
RPMs installed:

$ rpm -qa | egrep docbook

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