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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: best tool for docbook?


I always use a standard text editor (scintilla or nedit) with only XML
tag highlighting.

But this is not the solution for the Authors in my company, the step
would be to big!
They at least need some presentation of what they type in, and some
guidance with the tags.
Especially tables, pictures, list  and such need to be handled in an
easy manner.
Introducing SGML/XML and DocBook is a revolution, so i better do it
else they will refuce.

So i tried FrameMaker Sgml and the docbook stuff coming with it.
Not realy bad, but not so good either, and it is SGML, and it is for an
old docbook dtd.

So the question:

-what is the best XML editor around that has some direct implementation
for (XML) docbook with it.
-the cost is not so important (anything we have to add our selfs will be
more expensive in hours).
-if there is not an XML editor around with a docbook understanding,
still what is the best one to choose for that.

-what are you people using (or better the authors in general).

Any other suggestions on how to make Knowno's (Know Nothing) work with
would be appreciated much.


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