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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: htmlhelp.xsl and index

"Bradford, Denis" wrote:

> It should work, at least it works for me. Could you send me small
> DocBook source reproducing error. I can check it on my setup and
> investigate cause of problems.
> > Sure thing. I've created and attached a simple XML file that reproduces the
> > problem, and a screen shot of my result. The indexterm is in the first para
> > of the source.

My apologizes, in fact it doesn't work even on my test files - I didn't
look on results very precisely.

I have fixed bug, you can download new version of htmlhelp-common.xsl
from CVS or wait for next stylesheet release.

To show secondary indexterms in index pane correctly, stylesheet process
secondary indexterms in quite different manner. If there is primary
indexterm which is same as primary part of secondary indexterm nothing
special is done, because in this case, index looks correctly. In case
that there is no such primary indexterm, each secondry indexterm insert
also primary index entry. Rendering of index in CHM file is now correct
and if you select just primary indexterm, HTMLHelp will offer you all
occurences of corresponding secondary indexterms. 

Same problem would probably occur when using terciary indexterms,
stylesheet doesn't handle them now in some special way. I'm quite busy
now and I don't think many people are using them. If so, let me know, I
will add this feature.

I plan to look at .hhk files in future. Handling indexes using them may
provide more features and control over index. But there is no
timeschedule yet. ;(


  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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