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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: best tool for docbook?


I'm wondering why noone dared to mention Emacs+PSGML mode,
especially the psgmlx package maintained by Mark Johnson.
It makes setting up Emacs and PSGML a breeze. You just run the
"test" shell script that's included, and everything is done for you.
Besides, you get a lot of different color themes for syntax
highlighting to choose from. And, last but not least, it's freely

It's available from


Surely, some of the readers on this list will object, that you can not
expose people to markup who have been using WYSIWYG word processors
before. I do admit that, but still these people are much better off
if they take some time to get used to editing with markup. There is no
real WYSIWYG in context with SGML/XML anyway, I think all approaches are
just approximations, but no *real* WYSIWYG.



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