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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Differences between SGML and XML

Have you tried to convert it to XML using SX (From James Clark)?
It should do all those conversion in the sgml file.


Juan R. Migoya

Bartolich Alexander VAI/GAI 1 wrote:
> I have some documents written in SGML for DocBook 3.1.
> There is no problem processing them with OpenJade version 1.3
> (shipped with RedHat 7.1).
> But I want to have one version of my documents that can be
> processed as both SGML and XML (after changing only the
> doctype declaration). So I downloaded the XML-DTD (version 4.1.2)
> and let Xerces 1.4.1 lose on them.
> Eventually I could resolve all problems but one:
> Entities declared as EMPTY.
> The SGML-parses insists on this:
> <colspec colnum="1" colname="c1">
> [snip]

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