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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Some questions on FO XSLT


I'm using Xalan-J and FOP to generate the PDF from DocBook documents and have the 
following questions/feedback:

1) I'm using <link linkend="...">. The following error message appears:

file:///c:/docbook-xsl-1.44/common/common.xsl; Line 943; Column 20; Error: no ID
 for constraint linkend: c09s16.

However, the links in the PDF document seems to work. Why the error message?

2) I've tried <link endterm="..."> but the generation always crash with a message saying "ID 
not found". I'm not sure whether the problem lies with the FO XSLT, Xalan-J or FOP. Any 

3) Anybody got a good looking Table of Contents generated using FOP? I'm still having 
problem getting the leader appearing although it is the FO file.


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