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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: DOCBOOK: Minutes: DocBook Technical CommitteeMeeting: 21 Aug 2001

At 05:54 24/08/2001 -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   I don't fully understand the problem from an editor point of view, they
>just have names with ':' in them, they should not have to worry about this,
>those are of course perfectly acceptable XML Names per the XML spec. Do
>you mean that XMetaL, Epic and Emacs+PSGML don't support names with ':' ?
> > ...). It is not easy to merge DTDs.
>   Agreed but it's a 1 step effort, once done people should not have to worry
>about what spec the given element or attribute came from. On the other hand
>the semantic has already been defined etc, and that's supposed to be better
>for users.

Sooner or later docbook must move to a namespaced version,
possibly with its own schema. I'm led to believe Norm has been having
nightmares over it for some time ;-)

Full namespace support is a little different from db:title type of DTD naming.
  I'm more than ready for it.... except that I can't find a usable editor
that is namespace+schema aware:-)

Regards DaveP

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