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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Catalog dor DocBook and URI for the XSL stylesheets

At 09:12 24/08/2001 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

>The idea of a default catalog is sort of odd to me. The point of a catalog
>is to map from public/system identifiers and URIs to local copies of the
>resources. If there was a standard "local place" we could have a standard
>catalog. Uh, but we also wouldn't need the catalog :-)

How about a 'relative' local place?

No idea how, but if I could tell the catalog manager that my 'home'
was /user/local/docbook, for instance,
could the manager work from that? something like xml:base for catalogs?

Then all the stylesheet versions could be linked relative to that,
the sgml and xml DTD's and so on.

That would probably be as close to a 'default' catalog as is reasonable
without raising hackles.

Regards DaveP

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