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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Sun Resolver classes released


[ I don't know if docbook-apps will bounce this or not, I'm not subscribed
and only found out about those classes through a roundabout channel ...
if it bounces, would you please forward this to the list? ]

> If you're using Saxon with these classes, beware of the following
> problem: AElfred, Saxon's default XML parser, has a serious bug in
> recent Saxon releases; it calculates the base URI of external entities
> incorrectly.

If the current AElfred software doesn't do this right, I want to know.
The current stuff ought to behave just fine; it wasn't absolutizing URIs
early enough (ancient bug, reported recently and fixed last month):


> To avoid this problem, I suggest that you use Xerces or any other JAXP
> compliant parser, instead of AElfred. 

Instead of that rather elderly version of AElfred, that is ...

>    This can be accomplished with
> the following options *to java*:

 # Force Saxon to use a decent parser

>     I'm "this close" to a
> source code release with a BSD-like license. There's one more legal
> hurdle to do a backflip through.

What's the status of that?  Backflips aren't that easy, not everyone
has the flexibility... :)

- Dave

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