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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: problem with itemized list in a table

Kristin E Thomas wrote:
> every time I try to validate the
> document I get the error "character data not allowed here" for the lines
> with the </itemizedlist> tags.                      <row>

>I believe you're running into the "pernicious mixed content" explained
>in the "entry" reference page of the DocBook Definitive Guide.  You have
>to watch how the line breaks in your source.  For example, instead of

>                           </itemizedlist>
>                      </entry>

>try this

>                           </itemizedlist></entry>

You were right!  I changed the line breaks, and now the file validates.  I
looked at that reference page in the Guide, but I didn't understand it well
enough to realize that all I needed to do was change the way the lines
broke.  I really appreciate your help!

Thanks again,

Kristin Thomas
Linux Information Development
Linux Technology Center
Ph. (512) 838-4546
T/L 678-4546
Bldg. 908 1D002

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