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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: OpenJade development - header and footer rules.


I've started making some changes into OpenJade in order to better produce 
rules under headers or above footers when using the TeX backend (assuming 
jadetex with the fancyhdr package is doing the next stage of processing).

My reason for doing this is because I've found that the method of adding a 
(make rule ...) to the style sheet doesn't always produce the desired 
output, especially where the header (or footer) has more than just the one 
left/center/right component. In particular the position of rule underneath 
can depend on whether the text in the header contains characters which 
descend below the baseline (eg. the 'p' in 'Chapter'). The problem lies 
somewhere within jadetex - my guess is a conflict with the fancyhdr package 
(I suspect it could be demonstrated in latex if a \fancyhead were to draw 
rules using the \insertRule code from jadetex).

So far I've defined two new characteristics for a simple-page-sequence, 
head-rule and foot-rule, which (via a change to jadetex.dtx) end up setting 
\headrulewidth and \footrulewidth used by fancyhdr. Values of 0pt disable 
the rules.

>This all works. My particular document is structured:
>  <chapter>
>    introduction
>    <sect1>
>      section
>    </sect1>
>  </chapter>
>where each <sect1> starts a new page. The chapter's title and introduction 
>don't have a rule (providing they fit on one page) and the sections do, by 
>virtue of a different simple-page-sequence for each <sect1>.
>The problem lies in turning off the rules for the first page of a 
>component, should this be required. What I see as needed is a new 
>procedure that would allow something like:
>         head-rule: (if-first-page? 0pt 0.4pt)
>I have had a look at the implementation of 'if-first-page' and have yet to 
>see how to use what is done there in writing a handler for 
>'if-first-page?'. What would be the best way to do this?
>Dave Brooks
>On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Yann Dirson wrote:
> > OTOH, Jade itself does not evolve any more - I've read that James
> > Clark has moved from DSSSL to other things - and I'm still wondering
> > about OpenJade - the latest beta is awfully slower than the latest
> > stable version, cannot seem to work properly with tables, and I've
> > seen no recent activity in CVS...  Anyone knows what's happenning
> > there ?
> >

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