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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: html/xhtml to docbook filter

At 13:10 30/08/01 +0200, Ismael Olea wrote:

>         I'm looking for a filter to translate clean html files into docbook.
>         Does anybody know something about that?
>         I'm in a hurry for filtering tables, so if you now a fast way to 
> do it,
>I'll be grateful :-)

Ensure the HTML is XHTML compliant (ie, is a valid XML document) and write 
some XSLT to match the tags/attributes and output the appropriate Docbook 
tags - the difficulty will be in identifying the structural components 
within your document from the HTML markup. Then use something like testxslt 
(in the Xalan C++ distribution) as a command line utility to do the 



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