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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: legacy includes

I have some legacy stuff I'm bringing into docbook XML.

I have

<!ENTITY % updaterel 'IGNORE'>
<!ENTITY % fullrel 'INCLUDE'>
Before you go to download and install the binary distributions for
this release, please have a quick read through the <htmlurl
name="Installation Document" url="Install.html">.  It may save you some
time and help you figure out which of the binary releases you need.

<![ %updaterel [
The next sections describe what has changed in the update release(s)
as well as what is new in the latest full release (&fullrelvers;).
<![ %fullrel [
The next section describes what is new in the latest version (&relvers;).
The other sections below describe some of the new features and changes
between 3.3.x and 4.0.  There are lot's of new features, and we definitely
don't have enough space to cover them all here.
I want to convert this.

I'm thinking of
1. JC kit to do the SGML->XML
2. Markup the includes/ignores using a new block/inline, or a new element
attribute as needed.
  Then tweak the stylesheets (xslt) as needed to process as the SGML is done.

This will provide the functionality.
Has anyone any better ideas for this 'update' type of work please?
Any suggested markup (both block and inline), or have others abused role attr
and para type elements?

TIA, DaveP

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