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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Does anybody here use JED editor for DocBook XMLsources?

"Prikryl,Petr" wrote:

> The reason why I am asking is that JED emulates Emacs,
> but it uses C-like internal language instead of e-lisp.

And thus you cann't use Emacs's PSGML mode in JED. PSGML adds to Emacs
excellent SGML/XML editing environment which I didn't see in any other
of free editors. 
> Recently DocBook support appeared in JED and I would like
> to know how useful it is for you.  I am using JED long time,
> but for other things than DocBook XML.  In other words,
> should I start the battle with instalation and setting the
> Emacs (Windows NT, charset Windows-1250) only to
> use psgml?

If you are using Windows NT you can be interested in TEI-Emacs. It is
prepackaged Emacs version for Windows with preinstalled support for
PSGML, UTF-8, DocBook and TEI. You can find it somewhere on TEI pages (I
don't remember URL, try Google).

I personally use quite old Emacs 19.34 with emacs-czech package. This
package allows me to use Windows keyboard layout (same keyboard layout
in all applications). If you will use Emacs 20.x you must use internal
Emacs keyboard layouts which are not same as Windows ones. If you are
interested I can put somewhere Emacs 19.34 with PSGML and czech support.
Everything needed to run it is unpackit somewhere and set one
environment variable. 

I see two drawback of using 19.34 instead of 20.x - no multi-byte
support (and no UTF-8 support), missing Tetris game.

I hope that Emacs 21.x will be released soon - Windows port should be
much more tighter intergrated with Windows l10n and i18n support.
> FYI, JED full instalation take about 3MB instead of 30MB
> (Windows).  It also seems to be faster (no wonder, no lisp).

No lisp, no PSGML, no fun ;)

  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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