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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Trivial Jade setup question

Kovacs Istvan writes:

> When I try to process the file, I get lots of errors:
> D:\temp\jade> jade -t rtf test.xml >error 2>&1
> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:D:/TEMP/dtd/docbookx.dtd:74:17:E: "X20AC" is not a function name
> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:D:/TEMP/dtd/ent/iso-amsa.ent:8:19:E: "X21B6" is not a function name
> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:D:/TEMP/dtd/ent/iso-amsa.ent:9:19:E: "X21B7" is not a function name
> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:D:/TEMP/dtd/ent/iso-amsa.ent:10:17:E: "X21D3" is not a function name
> [...]

You need to supply the xml declaration on the command line, such as

jade -t rtf xml.dcl test.xml

The xml.dcl file is in the jade distribution.

> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:E: cannot open "test.dsl" (No such file or directory)
> D:\TEMP\jade\jade.exe:E: specification document does not have the DSSSL architecture as a base architecture

You need to specify a style sheet (with the -d option).

Peter Eisentraut   peter_e@gmx.net   http://funkturm.homeip.net/~peter

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