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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Putting titles below figures

At 10:55 AM -0700 9/13/01, Bob Stayton wrote:

>As far as I can tell, you succeeded.  8^)
>When I put your figure template into a customization
>layer, I get the same PDF output as before except
>the figure title appears below the figure content.
>What exactly was your experience?  I'm using 
>version 1.44 of the Norm's fo stylesheets.
>XSL processing is supposed to be stateless, so one template
>cannot be affected by variables set by other templates, unless
>the variables are explicitly passed to them using <xsl:with-param>.
>Your reordering works as you expect in my tests.

I should have tested before I reported again I suppose. I originally found this problem several weeks ago and just got around to reporting it now from memory. 

The problem occurs not in the XSLT generation but in the FOtoPDF conversion. However, this is probably a bug in FOP, so my apologies for posting here. I'm trying to track down a simple test case, but so far without success. Of the five chapters in my book, four of them process without problems. However, chapter 2 exercises multiple bugs in FOP, and I can't find the likely culprit. Taking out all the fo:basiclinks to internal destinations fixed the first problem, but then another one surfaced on a later page. However, PassiveTeX does not exhibit this behavior so it is likely FOP's problem.

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