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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Any suggestions on Java problems? (with Saxon)

At 23:30 17/09/2001 +0200, Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:

>He insists on the  future orientation of XSLT to let  the users feel how
>the standard will  evolve, and to avoid that XSLT  implementors make the
>wrong choices, e.g.  concerning the data types involved  in processing a

But you don't *have* to use the 1.1 extensions surely?

> >   Concerning my own ability at  implementing a correct XSLT processor,
> > well you may not trust me, others do.
>You may admit that libxslt /  libxml has just reached stability.  Before
>(a few monthes  ago), it was not  so, xsltproc crashed a  lot (sorry for
>not having  reported the bugs BTW).   Indeed you did a  _very_ nice job.
>And xsltproc  is FAST!!!  (I  saw faster processing however  using tools
>like XSLT  -> Java  converters: once  compiled, it  is much  faster than
>anything else, even xsltproc ;)

And considering that its only ??? months since Daniel announced, that's
not a bad record is it? Until we get the OASIS compliance testing, I guess
its still down to faith which is 'best for you', i.e. its  a personal thing.

<grin>I also like the fervour with which he supports the product</grin>
Its like M$ supporting their biggest revenue earner!

Regards DaveP

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