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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: DOCBOOK: ISO Entities

Walsh-san wrote:

> If you look at the intermediate result, after Xalan but before FOP,
> you'll see that the HTML or FO file contains "⋫" (or its decimal
> equivalent, or its UTF-8 equivalent) everywhere that you've used
> ⋫.

I had all kinds of problems myself with anything &#x22__;.  See my reply "Re: 
DOCBOOK-APPS: Any suggestions on Java problems? (with Saxon)" for how I dealt 
with them.  Essentially, I changed entities to be normal characters.

> The backend (FOP at least) should "do the right thing". But it
> probably doesn't. Unfortunately, I think the fix has to be performed
> at that level.

You can get FOP to "do the right thing" if you specify the font-family for 
the block containing the entities in question.  For example, I can get the 
copyright, trademark, etc. symbols if I make sure to surround them with a 
font-family like TimesRoman.

If you have a TrueType gliph for the ⋫ entity on your system, but it's 
in a different font set than the standard TimesRoman and SanSerif, then you 
need to create a custom font metrix and userconfig.xml files as well as 
surround such output with blocks with your font-family.

The creation of user defined fonts can be found here:


as can how to use the userconfig.xml when processing your FO pages.

Sectioning the entity off into its own font-family block should be done at 
the customization layer of the style sheets.

> For HTML, the problem is more difficult because many browsers aren't
> expecting Unicode. If you need interoperability, you'll probably have
> to switch to a graphic (and this might work for FOP as well).

Agreed.  You could always try to specify what font you want around the 
entity, but I don't know if that'll work or not.

Hope this helps.

Michael Westbay
Work: Beacon-IT http://www.beacon-it.co.jp/
Home:           http://www.seaple.icc.ne.jp/~westbay
Commentary:     http://www.japanesebaseball.com/forum/

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