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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: JadeTeX - Chapter Titles / Section Titles in headers

  This topic has been discussed several times on this list but I can't
seem to find an answer when searching the archive.  

  I would like to have the Chapter title on even numbered page headers
and the section title on odd numbered page headers.  I would also like
to prevent either of these from showing up on blank pages (created
with "\cleardoublepage " as a formatting instruction in my customized
stylesheet).  What is the best way to achieve this?  It seems like
JadeTeX ignores the fancyhdr commands that I've tried, but its own
interface for changing the header is confusing.  What exactly needs to
be added to the DSSSL or to the TeX to make this happen?

  I'm using JadeTeX 3.11, Norm's DSSSL stylesheets 1.73 with an
extensive customization layer, and I've tried both Jade and OpenJade.

      - Murray

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