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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: External graphics in RTF backend

Andrew Westcombe writes:
 > Our docbook toolchain was set up some time ago by a sysadmin who has since 
 > left, and I have been loathe to tinker with it. But our RTF output is held 
 > back by one very obvious problem: images are not included.
 > Our system:
 > -- SGML DocBook 3.1
 > -- Norm's DSSSL stylesheets 1.70
 > -- jade 1.2.1
 > -- Debian linux x86.
 > -- all our graphics are called using filerefs.
 > Judging by the jade documentation, externally-called graphics are going to 
 > be a problem on any platform other than Windows (since the external-graphic 
 > object calls OLE). Is this the case? Are there any workarounds?

I donīt think rtf knows about OLE. I use a debian 2.2 and DocBook 4.0, 
jade, the other version numbers I donīt have present... 

I can load the rtf into Startwriter from Star office 5.2 under Linux
and all images show up (I use all PNG, ca. 30MB images). However, the
index has no page-numbers...

In word it works fine. So maybe load the rtf in word then save it,
there *must* be a option to keep the images only as filereferences in
word but it seems noone knows that option and I get 200MB files back


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