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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: xtchunk.xsl - Navigation Images and xml editors

I have just started to create all my documents in docbook format and
convert them to html, pdf, fop using the saxon parser. From what I can
tell xtchunk.xsl, docbook.xsl, chunk-common.xsl and chunker.xsl handle
the formatting of the multiple html file ouput.

What I would like to do is output images instead of text for the
navigation in the header and footer of the page.  I am very new to xml
and still learning the syntax so I'm completely lost as to where to
modify the files to do this.

I have spent quite some time searching mailing list archives and google
for an answer without any success.  If someone has already done this or
has a pointer to where instructions for newbies may be I would greatly
appreciate the help.

On another note, I have to say that doing my documentation this way is
saving me untold hours of time and I am finding it actually enjoyable to
create the documents.  I am using xmlMind xxe for editing and was
wondering if there were any other products (either Java or Linux based)
that offered similar features (WYSIWYG and ease of use) that others
would recommend.

Thanks In Advance,

Brendan Boyle

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