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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: How to customize localized text within theXSL-Stylesheets?


I was wondering if there is a nice way to change some of the
entries in the localized text messages defined in the common

For example I want to change the entry 

<gentext key="nav-next" text="Vor"/>


<gentext key="nav-next" text="N&auml;chste Seite"/>

in the de.xml file. But on the head of each xml file
you can see this message

<!-- This file is generated automatically. -->
<!-- Do not edit this file by hand! -->
<!-- See http://docbook.sourceforge.net/ -->

Actually I don't want to change every entry in the file
only a few of them. The new entries should overwrite the
old ones defined in the standard files. Is there any good way 
to this customization and beeing updateable through next 
releases of the stylesheets?

BTW: The german orthography has been changed a while ago.
Some of the entries might have be changed to meet the new
german orthography. For instance Tip is now pronounced Tipp.
I didn't check every entry. But maybe the maintainer of the
file (I think it's not Norm ;-) have to take a look at the

Ciao and THX



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