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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: epcEdit

At 15:47 16/10/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings, all,
>I'm looking for any information anyone here might have on epcEdit (beyond
>what's at their Website, of course). Particularly, if you use epcEdit, have
>you had any problems with editor. What do you like, dislike about epcEdit
>and epc?
>Dennis Grace

I just post to confirm what wrote Michael Smith.

We use epcEdit here (under Windows), and are very happy with it.

We especially like its document structure realtime check (previously i used 
a simple Unicode editor... many errors when compiling with jade), the 
Unicode support (we write docs in french, and need thing like    œ 
& Co), a begin of style rendering which make typing and screen reading more 
easy (its not perfect - ex. all titles have the same look whatever be its 
deep level). I couldnt' have switched my coworkers from MS-Word to DocBook 
without a tool like that.

I have looked at other tools like XMLSpy, XMetal, EPIC, but these are huge 
(and relatively expensive) tools just for doing validated XML input.

I use Dia to produce diagrams for our documentation, works correctly for me.

For epc, we have had a serie of email exchange because of failure at the 
start of epcEdit 1.01 on our platform (WinNT4, french - where epcEdit 1.0 
worked correctly), they finished to give us a solution by switching from 
the wrapped version to the pro (we buy it at the time we were eligible for 
the pro at no more cost). And another serie of exchanges because of our 
administrative rules about VAT. From this small experiment, their support 
is good.



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